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Realizzato con il contributo della Regione Veneto L.R. 33/2002


Looking onto the sea and suspended on the Venice Lagoon: this is just one of the reasons that Cavallino-Treporti is special. First it was the cradle of local civilisation. Then it allowed famers to sail to the fruit and vegetable market in the Venice Rialto to sell their produce. Now it is a unique natural environment, which is extremely prestigious and largely unspoilt.

From the banks of the River Sile to the beach at Punta Sabbioni, the whole area behind Cavallino-Treporti is characterised by the Northern part of the Venice Lagoon. It is a set of canals, bodies of water and lagoon fish farms where you can admire a wide variety of flora and fauna.

An authentic natural heritage. The fish farms are a breeding ground for eels, bass, bream and grouper, which feature in the dishes served by local restaurants. The inland lagoon area also show clear signs of the local past: the old farmhouses and the wooden structures on stilts called “casoni di valle”, but also the “peocere” (mussel farms) and the salty basins where fish breed. In Summer this area is rendered even more atmospheric by the pink flamingos that choose this area of land as their Summer home, together with many other species of bird. On the sandbanks, the extremely fragile wetland area bordering the waters of the lagoon, you can see gulls, cormorants, herons and egrets (which have become the symbol of Cavallino-Treporti) as well as the black winged stilt.

You can visit the lagoon by bike or on foot or travel to the ancient hamlet of Lio Piccolo or Mesole, to immerse yourself fully in a unique environment. For boat trips see the services offered by private companies.