A true paradise of history and nature

The Cavallino Treporti coast is a long and fertile peninsula between Venice and Jesolo that attracts people for the variety of its landscape and for the genuine hospitality of its inhabitants. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the waters of the lagoon, the Cavallino Trepori coast stretches for 15 kilometres and is known for its environment of great natural importance. The long golden beach, the dunes, the pine forest, the farms and the fascinating lagoon landscape with its canals, salt marshes, mud flats and fish farms. All this against a backdrop of the elegant profile of Venice, in all its charm.

Two ecosystems in perfect harmony

As soon as you arrive to the Cavallino Treporti peninsula you will see a region of real beauty before your eyes and you will immediately recognise its two souls, the sea and the lagoon. Here every sunrise and sunset seem to come from the hands of a painter. The sun, which emerges from the waters of the sea in the morning and dives quietly into the waters of the lagoon at dusk, tints the water and draws the outline of evocative landscapes, full of charm on the horizon.
In the heart of the peninsula there are farms and greenhouses where fruit and vegetables are grown which you can taste directly from the producer.
Two different ecosystems coexist in perfect balance and favourably affect the environment of the whole region. This produces the excellent quality of horticultural production and the abundance of fish in the fish farms and in the waters off the coast.

An enchanting natural park

The Cavallino-Treporti area is divided into twelve communities; Lio Grando, Ca' Ballarin, Ca' Pasquali, Ca' Savio, Ca' di Valle, Ca' Vio, Cavallino, Lio Piccolo, Mesole, Punta Sabbioni, Saccagnana and Treport.
The Sile separates Cavallino from Jesolo, the Pordelio crosses the whole length of it and then branches out into the canals of Portosecco, Saccagnana and Saccon. By sailing along the canals, or walking or cycling along their banks, you can see this charming natural park up close. A park that preserves an environment of unique beauty. The fauna and flora that characterize these places surround rural villages, almost suspended in time. Such as, the village of Lio Piccolo, where you can take in its history and find a cultural heritage that will surprise you, nestled in lush nature and lulled by the waters of the lagoon.

It will be really exciting to get lost in these little corners of paradise that this coast offers. Here, nature and history interact harmoniously. You can see seagulls, herons, cormorants and herons, observe elegant pink flamingos or discover the fish farms where they breed eels, sea bass, sea bream and sea bass. At the same time, you can delve into history by admiring the architecture and military fortifications which served to defend Venice both during the Austrian rule as well as during both world wars.

For anyone who loves holidays in the open air

As European capital of outdoor Tourism, our area is also distinguished by its excellent tourism. Top of the range and high quality campsites, services of the highest level and an intact landscape of great environmental value. Here, human intervention has respected the land and preserved the wealth of flora and fauna.
The long sandy beach that slopes gently toward the sea is ideal for families as it fulfils everyone's needs. Adults and children can choose between relaxing, sports and entertainment, whilst the little ones can have fun on the sand, safely swim or participate in activities proposed by the activity tutors.

And after a day of relaxation and entertainment, you will have an unforgettable evening in one of the many local restaurants. There, you will be able to taste the specialities that celebrate the culinary tradition of the Cavallino Treporti region, such as "baccalà in tocio", “moeche” or sweet cherry tomatoes. Finally, finish off the evening by participating in the many events offered along the coast.

Unspoilt and colourful nature, simple and genuine flavours, the remains of a distant past and the tangible signs of a lively, dynamic and hospitable region, a unique mix that makes your holidays on our coast so enjoyable.

Come and experience our region and explore every corner of it in order to grasp its essence and true beauty.