Taste routes

Taste routes

The excellent horticultural production, the great fish from the sea and the lagoon and the influence of the traditional Venetian cuisine are the ingredients that make the dishes of the Cavallino Treporti cuisine so special and renowned.

The authentic flavour of local products and the recipes of the past, as they were originally or revised in a contemporary setting, are enjoyed by both the young and old and satisfy all tastes. The signature dishes are certainly those from the sea and the lagoon, but variety and quality are ensured for those who prefer meat. To top it all: there are local fruit and vegetables and the delicious wines from Veneto and nearby Friuli.

Discovering the flavours of the area

Good food plays an important role in Cavallino Treporti, and tourists of all ages and nationalities enjoy it, making the stay on this charming waterfront even more memorable. "Brodeto", "cod in tocio", "Liver alla venziana", scallops, and asparagus and red radish. Even through all these flavours you can grasp a better understanding of the culture and the history of this ancient shoreline, so loved by tourists from all over the world.

Short guide to eating well

To get to know this long and fertile peninsula, right next to the charming sea and lagoon, you can follow our eating guide that suggests the many wine tasting tours that Cavallino Treporti has to offer. The guide will also give you some advantages. For example, at the discretion of the individual establishments, you will even receive a discount, an aperitif or a glass of prosecco, simply by showing them your copy of EAT.

Download the pdf, discover all the recommendations and start imagining a holiday full of taste and happiness for all the family now!