Venice and the islands

Cavallino Treporti is an ideal starting point for wonderful excursions by crossing the beautiful lagoon, between the fish farms, the salt marshes and stretches of water, you can combine the discovery of a uniquely charming area, full of art, culture, history, nature and traditions.

The scene which you will see before your eyes is really unique in the world. You will be able to soak up the atmosphere that fills the streets and squares of Venice and its islands. It will be an unforgettable experience. A succession of surprises, discoveries and curiosity will attract and fascinate the children too. They will be excited to be involved in new and exciting adventures.

When nature becomes art

While looking around you will have the privilege of being immersed in a wonderful landscape, designed by nature and well preserved by man. Everything will look like the careful choreography of an artist. The flight of birds, trees rustling in the wind, the gurgle of water and, as a backdrop in the distance, the outline of Venice and its islands: a landscape which seems suspended in time.

A couple of tips for setting off!

We recommend you to set out with practical clothing and comfortable shoes. Just travel light! In Venice and the surrounding area you'll find everything you need to eat and drink.
What is the only "baggage" that we advice you to take with you? A bag full of curiosity and the desire to get involved in what these places have to offer, and then simply get infected by the smiles and genuine Venetian hospitality.