Discovering the markets of the coast

Shopping at the market is a wonderful experience, and the slower, relaxed holiday pace makes it even more enjoyable. Wander the stalls and breathe in the cheerful and carefree air among the people. It will be a pleasant opportunity to learn more about the Cavallino Treporti coast, come into contact with the kindness and warmth of its people and purchase excellent local products.

Welcome and authentic flavours

Throughout the market there is a warm and lively atmosphere, fuelled by the cheerfulness and friendliness of the vendors and by the smiles of the people that walk curiously and happily through the stalls. The valuable advice of the sellers will allow you to make some great purchases and by having a chat you will get to know a little more about the area, its traditions and its people. It will also be a further opportunity to sample the quality of local products and discover almost forgotten, genuine, authentic tastes.

The happiness of children at the market

Even for the little ones it will be fun to to go shopping! The magic that makes the markets so special will immediately captivate them and it will be great to watch them run around happily whilst they give you a hand in choosing what to buy.

In the markets there is always a party atmosphere!

These are the main markets of the Cavallino Treporti peninsula:

  • Tuesday morning, in Via Fausta Cavallino
  • Friday evening, from June to September, in Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta in Cavallino
  • Thursday morning in Piazza SS Trinity in Treporti
  • Wednesday morning, the Farmer's Market, in Ca 'Savio

A trip to the market with the whole family will be a truly beautiful experience. We look forward to seeing you!