5 reasons to have a walk in Cavallino-Treporti:


      1. Walking is an useful opportunity to move and to stay fit: it’s already summer, the summer holidays and the swimsuit season are nearby. Even walking is a great way to stay in motion.


      2. Walking helps to relieve tension: If you have little time between work and family commitments as the best opportunity to do sports by strolling? It will drain the tension of the day and you will feel more relaxed.


      3. Walking increases metabolism: this activity is good for health and doing it in the open air increases its benefits.


      4. It allows you to break away from a sedentary life: if you spend too many hours sitting in the office, what are you waiting for? Have a walk!


    5. It is the perfect occasion to do outdoor sport. In Cavallino-Treporti you can walk surrounded by nature and particularly by the lagoon environment. The quality of the air is very good and if you walk along the foreshore you can breathe the healthy air of the sea and enjoy its benefits!

Have a nice walk! ;)